(d) A Veteran eligible for a special licence plate under this section may apply to the Veterans Commission for a Veteran`s Licence Sticker approved in accordance with W.S. 31-2-204(b) for any vehicle owned and registered in the Veteran`s name. After verification by the Wyoming Veterans Commission that the Veteran has been honorably discharged from service, and specifying the Veteran`s conflict service and the payment of such fees as the Board determines, the Board will issue the Veteran`s Licence Plate for each vehicle for which the Veteran paid the fees determined by the Board. (a) If a dealer of that State or a motor vehicle owner who is not a dealer knowingly offers or exchanges for sale or trade a motor vehicle bearing title under this section, the dealer or owner shall disclose to any prospective purchaser before the sale or exchange, in a form prescribed by the department, the nature of the title mark. (b) The Department shall, from time to time, designate and assign the name of each state bordering Wyoming to each agent or other person for the registration and collection of duties in Wyoming and to any government agency responsible for the enforcement of the motor vehicle laws of Wyoming and shall notify that Department that it has granted or subsequently grants mutual exemptions to the owners of affected Wyoming vehicles in accordance with W.S. 31-18-201. and paragraph (a) of this Article. and the nature and extent of any reciprocal subsidy provided by the other State and the name of each jurisdiction with which the Department has entered into a reciprocal agreement and the nature and extent of the reciprocal grants. BEFORE submitting an application for registration to the Department of Game and Fish, residents must ensure that their boat has a Wyoming title and a valid hull identification number (HIN). 2. The plate shall be attached to the rear-view mirror of the vehicle in such a way that anyone looking through the windscreen of the vehicle from the pavement or roadside is clearly visible. In the case of motor vehicles without rear-view mirrors, the sign must be displayed on the dashboard of the parked vehicle on the side closest to the sidewalk or roadside. (q)? Members of the Armed Forces who register their vehicles in Wyoming, operate outside the continental United States for ninety (90) days or more, and whose vehicle registration expires during their tour of duty may register their vehicles no later than fourteen (14) days after their return to Wyoming after deployment.

? The annual month of registration of a vehicle registered under this subdivision is the month in which the vehicle is registered after use. ? No fees or penalties will be charged as a result of registration under this subsection, and the registration fees will be the same as those provided for in this section. ? Members who register under this subsection shall: (B) Not be owned or operated by a person employed in that state, unless that person is a commuter of another jurisdiction that exempts Wyoming daily commuter vehicles from registration under a reciprocal agreement. To register a vehicle in Wyoming, residents must go to their local county treasurer`s office and bring the following: (v) “recovery vehicle” means any motor vehicle that has been destroyed, destroyed or damaged, to the extent it has been declared a total loss by the insurance company, or, if an insurance company is not involved in the settlement of the damage, the total estimated or actual cost of parts and labour for the reconstruction or reconstruction of the motor vehicle to its pre-accident condition exceeds seventy-five percent (75%) of the actual retail present value of the motor vehicle, as reported in the most recent edition of a nationally recognized motor vehicle valuation guide or other source approved by the Wyoming Department of Insurance. The value of repair parts for the purposes of this paragraph shall be determined on the basis of the current cost of repair parts to be used in the repair. The labour cost of repairs for the purposes of this subsection shall be calculated using the hourly labour rate and time allowances that are reasonable and customary in the automobile repair industry in the municipality where the repairs are to be carried out. (c) The Department shall issue to the applicant a special tamper-proof removable windshield sign with a letter from the applicant`s physician indicating that the applicant has a disability that is expected to last at least twelve (12) months, that restricts or interferes with the ability to walk, or any person responsible for the regular transportation of eligible persons with disabilities; which is expected to last at least twelve (12) months, which interferes with or the ability to walk who submits such a letter on behalf of an authorized person. The international access symbol is affixed to the poster. When a vehicle is parked in an accessible area, the plate must be attached to the rear-view mirror of the vehicle so that anyone looking through the windscreen of the vehicle from the sidewalk or roadside is clearly visible.

In the case of motor vehicles without rear-view mirrors, the sign must be displayed on the dashboard of the parked vehicle on the side closest to the sidewalk or roadside. Applicants who have not received special plaques will receive one (1) additional poster upon request. Once people meet the residency requirements in Wyoming, they must go to their local county treasurer`s office to register their vehicle. For detailed instructions, see the “Registering a Vehicle in Wyoming” section below. (iii) Commercial vehicles with the registration plates or registration plates referred to in W.S. 31-18-201 and their operators shall present a registration certificate attesting that the vehicle is validly registered in accordance with W.S. 31-18-201; (d) Nothing in this Act shall prevent the purchaser from declaring the sale void if there is evidence that the purchaser did not receive the trademark title or a copy of the trademark title or other notification that the title bore a trademark at the time of purchase, regardless of the date on which the title was issued in the buyer`s name. The decision to declare the sale voidable must be made in writing and served on the Seller no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the first knowledge that the title bears a trademark. This paragraph applies only if it is proved that the seller knowingly failed to notify the buyer with intent to defraud the buyer. (c) on termination of a leasing contract, the balance of the registration fees paid for the leased vehicle may be transferred to a replacement motor vehicle, whether owned or leased.

License plates may also be transferred by the renter if the transfer is made to a similar motor vehicle. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) offers 48-hour transit permits that allow individuals to transport a vehicle outside of WY. These individuals must submit proof of insurance and other documents to a Wyoming County Treasury office. The fee is $20 per vehicle. xi) Rental vehicles rented in Wyoming from a licensed car rental agency, provided that the surcharge under W.S. 31-3-104 and the vehicle is validly registered in another jurisdiction and has valid license or license plates in accordance with the laws of that jurisdiction. (a) Applications for vehicle registration shall be submitted in person, by mail or, if available, electronically to the district treasurer`s office of the county where the owner of the vehicle resides or, in another case, of a county, and shall contain: (ix) other information requested by the officer of the department or district, which may include, but is not limited to, a vehicle purchase agreement or similar document; any document required to verify proof of ownership, including an affidavit of proof of ownership or security required under this Act.