Various parts of this website allow you to consider assumptions that adjust the maximum amount you can borrow, which is determined by the self-reported cost of attending law school. Factors include residency (for public schools), LDS faith (for BYU), student discounts, and monetary contributions. Each factor offsets the need to fully fund the cost of attending law school. This is the amount you would have to pay if you borrowed the full cost of attendance, taking into account the interest that accumulates during school. This school does not offer conditional scholarships. More information. The cost of participation is the university`s estimate of your expenses for the academic year. It includes fees billed directly to you (tuition and fees), as well as an estimated budget for indirect expenses (accommodation/meals, books and consumables, travel, miscellaneous expenses and loans). While you can receive financial assistance up to the participation fee, you can choose to borrow less.

Class of 2018 1526 Completed Applications 474 Offers 31.06% Acceptance rate 7.60% Application Registration Rate 24.47% Offer Registration Rate 116 Enrolled Alabama Law School is a “best value” law school according to National Jurist. This year, tuition is $21,320 for Alabama residents and $36,000 for non-residents. Also, the cost of living in Tuscaloosa is very reasonable. 91% of our class of 2013 were employed in required or preferred positions or pursuing graduate studies within 9 months of graduation. Alabama is one of the few law schools in the country that guarantees every student the opportunity to attend at least one legal clinic before graduation. Our program offers the following clinics: domestic violence, criminal defense, elder law, civil law, community development, law enforcement assistance, and mediation law. In 2012, the Clinical Legal Education Association recognized our clinical program with the 2012 Award of Excellence. A childcare allowance can be added with the documents provided each year by the student for day or afternoon care. Source: Data compiled from a variety of public sources, including data published by law schools and law firms in each province or territory.

When a law student applies for financial aid by completing the FAFSA, the application results are sent to the University of Alabama in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR) if the student designates UA as an institution in FAFSA (the AU federal school code is #001051). Upon acceptance to law school, each student who has applied for federal aid and appointed UA will receive a student financial aid program. Additional information can be obtained from FAFSA or the University of Alabama. Please respond immediately. Student loan interest rates change annually based on the U.S. government`s performance on 10-year government bonds. To forecast your actual attendance cost and monthly payment, you need to forecast the 10-year Treasury returns for each of your three years at law school. The standard Treasury rate we use on this website is the last yield used for student loans, set annually based on the high yield from the last 10-year Treasury bill auction in May. These figures do not include advance loan payments, the standard six-month grace period after closing, and interest. We expect scholarship amounts to remain constant and not to keep pace with tuition increases (with the exception of 100% scholarships). However, we expect the percentage to be lower than the estimated cost of living of the school with annual earnings. The projected debt of a graduate who takes out loans to attend law school.

The figure refers to six months after closing, when the first loan payment is due; makes no interest advances; and reflects increases in tuition fees based on changes in previous years. Interest accrual calculations are time-sensitive – based on semi-annual payment periods – and use a mixed interest rate based on projected interest rates. #239 in the highest tuition fees (in the state) Alabama Law ranks #123 in terms of tuition fees the highest among full-time law students for its extrastate tuition of $42,180, and it ranks #239 in terms of the highest tuition among full-time law students for its state tuition of $23,920. We rank out of a total of 283 tuition fees from 194 law schools and rank twice as many law schools that have different tuition fees inside and outside the state. Accommodation and board costs average $12,702 per year. Information on preparation for law school, LSAT, bachelor`s degree-GPA and the application process. Attendance cost (CoA) is the total estimated amount you need to spend each year to go to school. Unlike tuition, the CoA includes expenses such as rent, food, and insurance. Combined with the excellent legal education and opportunities students have at the University of Alabama School of Law, our adequate tuition for residents and non-residents alike is just another reason to consider Alabama law.

Compared to private and publicly funded schools, we can offer one of the best values. But you don`t have to take our word for it. The law school is consistently ranked “Best Value Law School” by National Jurist`s PreLaw magazine. In the tables below, the above assumptions are used to estimate debt under 30 scenarios per table. The first scenario – the top left cell – shows no reduction in tuition fees and the inclusion of the maximum amount for the cost of living ($20,080). Move to the other side of the row to see the impact of a larger tuition reduction on loans that end with a full-time discount. The column on the far right shows a student paying $0 in tuition each year. Each additional line reflects the annual savings on the cost of living. Using the example in the last column, the upper right cell reflects borrowing the maximum amount for the cost of living. The cell below reflects savings of 5% per year.

The bottom line reflects a student spending 25% less than the maximum amount for living expenses. The reason this report is called the “2020” report is that our 2020 Law School Ranking Report and 2020 Law School Profiles are of considerable interest to potential law school applicants who wish to enroll in courses starting in fall 2020. At the time of publication of this report in spring 2019, these employment statistics reflected the most recent data available. The graphs show the candidates` results against GPA and LSAT. The dotted lines in the graphs represent the 25/50/75th percentiles reported by the school in its ABA 509 report from the previous year. The University of Alabama has a class size of 1L of 152 and an efficiency of 31.50%. 149 of the 473 applicants who were offered admission accepted, meaning that 31.50% of those admitted attended the school. The amount (including fees) you pay a school for its educational services for a given period, i.e. every term, semester or year. Unless otherwise stated, the tuition fee quoted by us is the price of the sticker. The price of the sticker corresponds to tuition fees without reduction (or scholarship). For public schools, state residents generally receive a lower price than non-residents.

Our tuition for non-residents is significantly cheaper than the state tuition of most public law schools and much cheaper than most private schools. In fact, we were the first law school in the country to significantly reduce tuition fees. A lower debt burden means you have the freedom to choose where to start your legal career after graduation. The University of Alabama Law School leads the Gulf Coast at almost every level, including the highest ranking in U.S. news from the region. Academically, the school has some of the strictest admission standards, with an average LSAT score of 164. In terms of student-faculty ratio, the school has one of the lowest at 6.3 to 1. The school also offers one of the lowest residential tuition fees at $23,920. Alabama Law performs well in litigation and advocacy, according to preLaw Magazine, offering six clinical programs, and JD`s first-year students currently represent 58 undergraduate institutions. Alabama Law performs well in litigation and advocacy, according to preLaw Magazine.

In 2022, tuition fees were $43,370 and annual attendance fees were $62,454 (tuition plus living expenses). This is what school costs, including tuition and living expenses. This figure usually reflects 9 or 10 months of cost of living. Typically, the school`s published attendance cost determines how much you are allowed to borrow in student loans. Why choose Alabama Law? Whether it`s the low student-faculty ratio, high advocacy and employment rates, excellent internships in federal articling placements, opportunities in the public interest and public service, numerous advocacy teams and journals, clinical experience or international programs, the list of wonderful things happening at our law school never seems to end. And having it all at an affordable price in an exciting, collegial environment makes Alabama Law a destination for exceptional students, faculty, and staff. The University of Alabama School of Law is a law school located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The school was ranked 25th by USNWR in 2022. The annual enrollment at the University of Alabama School of Law is approximately 152. Sometimes called scholarships. The rebate is the amount of the need-based or non-need-based discount a student receives for attending law school.

These are often associated with conditions. Bar throughput rates mirror those of new candidates for the Winter and Summer 2017 exams.