Our success can be measured by decades of relationships with our clients, underscoring the quality and cost-effectiveness of our legal representation. We monitor the legal issues that companies face in this challenging business environment. Thorpe and Thorpe Attorneys at Law have successfully represented commercial and real estate clients at the bargaining table and in the courtroom for over 40 years. During this time, we have provided the solutions that businesses and entrepreneurs in virtually every type of business and industry need to solve their legal challenges. Over the years, public and private companies and entrepreneurs have benefited from our extensive legal advice in the following areas: She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992. She has worked in retail and worked at GAP, The Nature Company and The Discovery Channel Store from 1992 to 1995. From 1995 to 2000, she worked for Lawrence Thorpe as a paralegal when she decided to study law. We define outstanding IP lawyers a little differently. It`s not just about acquiring a patent or trademark application. It`s about the success of your business.

Our legal services help you secure your efforts, make your decisions, shape your strategy and achieve your goals. Our main interest is your success – however you define it. Let us help you get there. Thorpe Law has been providing effective legal assistance to clients in all areas of family law for more than 40 years in all nine boroughs of the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm was founded by Lawrence Thorpe, and the family`s legal tradition continues with his son Trevor Thorpe and daughter-in-law Gabrielle Thorpe. Our team of lawyers offers a unique blend of strength and personality. While our lawyers are aggressive litigators, we truly care about our clients and the community. We combine compassion and personal service with high-quality representation and hands-on execution. We love working closely with our clients and believe that our clients really enjoy working with us. Thorpe Shwer is a civil litigation law firm representing Fortune 500 companies, local businesses, individuals and government agencies in high-stake, high-risk matters.

We combine an unwavering commitment to excellence with a deep understanding of our clients` businesses to solve their most demanding legal challenges. Our lawyers are more than legal advisors – we are collaborative business partners. Whether you need us in the lab, in the boardroom, in the marketplace or in the courtroom, we have the services you expect from a trusted advisor. Whether your business operates from your garage or is publicly traded, our team is here to help. Our practice focuses on resolving legal issues that have company-wide consequences and significance. Recognizing that each case is not an isolated or individual event, we help our clients develop consistent approaches and long-term strategies that address legal issues system-wide. Together, Thorpe Law lawyers are able to provide targeted representation and an unusual level of availability in family law practice. Family law issues are often emotionally difficult and legally complex, especially when children are involved and in conflict situations. We are a team of experienced lawyers who can help you with: We value the personal relationships we build with our clients.

We care about the long-term success of each client`s business and take a collaborative, client-centric approach to overcoming the legal hurdles and business challenges our clients face. As one of the fastest growing law firms in southern Wisconsin, Thorpe & Christian, S.C. proudly represents families and businesses in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our clients include large and small businesses, local governments, insurance companies, financial institutions and real estate developers, as well as a long list of people whose legal needs span a wide spectrum. The experienced lawyers and staff at Thorpe & Christian, S.C. are uniquely equipped to handle multiple areas of law and conscientiously serve a wide range of clients. Since 1935, Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd. has represented local governments and private companies. We also offer wealth planning and business succession services in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our firm provides comprehensive legal services to a variety of local government agencies, including cities, villages, school districts, local libraries, library districts, library systems, fire safety districts, and other special districts. Our firm`s lawyers also provide a wide range of general legal services to private corporations and individuals in the areas of corporate, environmental, real estate, zoning and asset planning, and corporate succession law.

Our know-how and experience allow us to offer our clients the most effective and cost-effective strategies. Our firm combines a deep understanding of Arizona`s legal landscape with extensive litigation experience across the country. We are just as comfortable as a preferred location for companies facing high-profile litigation in Arizona as we act as a national advisor to companies in important cases across the country. TNW is our company, friend, consultant and coach for most of our legal needs. Trevor has represented and advised individuals in all aspects of family law, including appeals and matters of international jurisdiction, custody and enforcement between California and France, Australia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe case resulted in one successful complaint and two appeals. Our lawyers can help you develop a solid plan and continue to support you as things change. “I have had the pleasure of working with Dale Thorpe and Thorpe & Christian for many years. The firm provided advice on all kinds of municipal matters and responded promptly to all calls and inquiries. – Municipal Client Testimonial We are accomplished litigators from some of the most elite law firms in the country who have combined our knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to build a different law firm.

Thorpe Shwer combines the expertise and firepower of a large law firm with the personal attention, efficiency and laser focus of a litigation firm. With his wife, Jan C. Thorpe, Ph.D., and Ron Grassi, now retired, led Larry through a successful series of continuing education programs in San Francisco to expand the use of the family law practitioner with counselling therapists to better understand family law issues, particularly in custody matters. Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of litigation. Gabrielle is a partner at Thorpe Law. She was born on 12 May 1964 in Dunoon, Scotland. She received her primary education in San Diego, California, and her bachelor`s degree at UCLA, where she earned a bachelor`s degree in history with an emphasis on the French Revolution.