In our view, Mr. Theeuwes excels on several levels. His legal team also lives up to his credentials and his educational and professional background. In addition, their approach to customer friendliness is exemplary. They are very practice-oriented, well organized, and (unlike many other companies) exceptionally accommodating; We really appreciate that customer convenience is on their priority list. “I work mainly with Thomas De Muynck. Thomas is straight to the point, business-oriented and has a highly specialized legal knowledge. Thomas is deeply involved in cooperation with his team and is available to his customers. High quality work at reasonable costs. “Bert Luyten is our first point of contact at Laurius. He is responsive and commercial in his approach.

I have been impressed by his focus on ensuring that clients receive not only the legal, but also practical and strategic advice they need to achieve their business goals. “Louis-François is very committed and can talk to business partners without too much `legal` language (he can be considered a business partner). He has a good team around him who offer the right quality at the agreed time. This provides an easy one-stop shop for business consultants and legal procurement departments to gather information about the companies they want to hire. “Good understanding of legal issues and analyses to be examined, thorough reviews.” “Anna Lyle-Smythe is excellent. She has clear communication and the ability to present legal analysis in the relevant business context. She is realistic and sees the essence of clients` challenges and is always focused on finding good solutions. “We work with lawyer Isabelle Panis on a large number of cases. These cases are very complex and require strong legal analysis skills. “Wide range of legal advice: human resources, tax advice (taxes), consulting contracts, leases, – In each area, the company had highly qualified and experienced employees.” “The arbitration team is exceptional, especially in complex international arbitrations. Arnaud Nuyts and his team combine strong advocacy with a deep understanding of complex legal issues and business practices as well as excellent strategy. Professor Nuyts is respected above all by the arbitrators who listen to him and trust his legal advice. “Although the team is rather small, it is very competent and responsive.

The team has many years of experience and is very well managed. It offers useful, practical and legally sound solutions that help implement planned projects. “Legal advice that is always responsive and well-founded.” “In particular, Koen Vanhaerent`s coordination between external lawyers and in-house lawyers to focus on the real issues and close the deal. No unnecessary alerts during due diligence, very good decisions and legal risk management approaches. “Argo Law can provide a comprehensive service in all tax and legal matters affecting private clients. The private client team is very committed and guarantees sound advice and quick action. “The main difference with other law firms I`ve worked with is the extraordinary combination of technically correct and intelligent advice, which is both pragmatic and operational: not an ivory tower approach, on the contrary. “The team combines entrepreneurial empathy and strategic thinking with deep legal knowledge. In many cases, this combination leads to innovative approaches that meet the needs of the customer. “The key professionals I work with are Alexandre Vandencasteele and Donald Slater, who have highly competent competition law issues and many years of experience in the field.

They are always able to provide excellent legal support in day-to-day and sensitive cases. “The service orientation of the company is really excellent – I always feel that my wishes are fulfilled immediately. Compared to many other law firms operating in Belgium, I think Seeds of Law offers an impressive package, with exceptional legal expertise and a key attitude that the best solution to a dispute is not necessarily obtained in court. This saves customers unnecessary risks and costs. It`s no surprise that the company`s cost rates are always fair and responsible in all respects. “Special mention to Davy Gorselé. Very intelligent, technically savvy from a legal point of view, but also able to think as a business partner. Very astute negotiator. “This practice is unique in its practical mentality as well as its responsiveness. They are able to quickly understand legal needs and issues and translate them into advice and solutions that the company can work with in practice.

“We really appreciated the flexibility of the team to meet (virtually) and their candid advice. No understatement, but a clear overview of options and risks so that you can make informed decisions and provide action plans with and without legal support. Trust and integrity are important to us as a company, and while we understand that making business decisions also involves tough decisions, Liedekerke has allowed us to keep an eye on our employees at all times. “Frank Wijckmans is a very effective litigator, an excellent blend of law and common sense, considerable authority. “Michèle Grégoire is one of the best lawyers in the city. “The team has in-depth knowledge of employment and pension practice in Belgium, which is invaluable for an international company like ours. They recently assisted and advised us on a complicated divestment and legal split, and their advice and practical support has been excellent. Like many Western European countries, Belgium has experienced a return to growth after a sharp decline in 2020 and early 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with GDP expected to grow by 4.7% in 2021 and 3.5% in 2022.

A successful vaccination campaign has lifted most of the pandemic-related restrictions, even though ongoing economic measures are having an impact on the legal market. “Allen & Overy is really business-oriented, taking into account the strict legal framework, but always one step ahead when it comes to proposing possible solutions. In an employment practice, of course, this is due to people who are very close to customers and in the format in which advice is given. “The collaboration with Tim Fransen is perfect. He is very professional and provides clear solutions to complex problems within the agreed timeframe. Its communication is very clear, precise and pleasant. As a customer, you feel that someone is thinking with you and is a partner in solving your problems. It is characterized by a pragmatic and always legally correct approach with sufficient attention to risks. We recommend it to everyone around us for tailor-made legal assistance. “The quality of the research and legal advice is exceptional, as is the follow-up and communication with the client. Most importantly, they are trying to find a pragmatic solution to the problem, rather than making it too complicated.

“I knew the legal situation in detail and needed time to understand our economic objectives. Very responsive in a very short time. “No unnecessary alerts during due diligence, very good decisions and approaches to legal risk management.