Ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations are fundamental aspects of Sony`s culture. Sony Network Communications Nordics has adopted the Sony Group Code of Conduct to reinforce its behaviour and corporate culture. The Code is part of Sony`s Global Compliance Network, which includes Headquarters, a global compliance leadership team and regional compliance officers worldwide. We have a compliance hotline in place to ensure employees have the resources they need to raise concerns or receive advice on legal and ethical issues. The Radio Equipment Directive, known as the RES Directive, is the main compliance pathway for radio equipment placed on the European internal market. In his previous roles, Mitchell was responsible for overseeing consumer and employee privacy programs. She has developed and implemented privacy compliance programs and supported consumer data initiatives in compliance with global privacy laws. The Sony Group Code of Conduct was adopted by Sony Corporation in May 2003. The Code of Conduct sets out the basic internal standards to be followed by all members of the Sony Group in order to focus on corporate governance, business ethics and compliance systems within the Sony Group. In addition to legal and compliance standards, the Code of Conduct sets out the Sony Group`s core policies on ethical business practices and activities on topics such as respect for human rights, product and service safety, environmental protection and disclosure of information. The Code of Conduct has been adopted and implemented by all Sony group companies worldwide and is the subject of frequent messaging and other training. Mitchell was previously Vice President of Privacy and Legal Compliance at Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. and is the ninth lawyer to join the West Coast practice group since January 2020.

In addition to our work to restrict the use of harmful substances, European Union Regulation 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) requires all companies operating in the EU, including Sony, to comply with various legal obligations, including informing customers about the use of substances of very high concern (SVHCs). which are on the “REACH candidate list” of our products. Jennifer Mitchell joined BakerHostetler as a partner in the Digital Assets and Data Management practice in Los Angeles. Please read our Privacy Policy to understand what type of information we collect from our website and apps, how that information may be used, and what safeguards are in place to protect your personal information. Please read the Terms of Use if you wish to use the Sony Network Communications Nordics websites or any of our applications. Please note that by visiting and/or using our website or applications, you agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to our Terms of Use, please do not use our website or other applications. She is the latest in a series of lateral entrants to the firm`s California offices that recently welcomed partners Matt Kane, Sylvia Kim and Bethany Lukitsch.

Sony recognizes the value of intellectual property. We ensure the protection of intellectual property rights for the results of our development activities and make full use of these rights. We also provide intellectual property rights training to our employees. We are committed to complying with all relevant intellectual property laws and regulations. Terms of use for our websiteTerms of use of the application “After meeting with many lawyers, I realized that BakerHostetler was not only convenient, but also a great cultural fit,” Mitchell said. No one has ever achieved anything at a standstill. Fill the gap between your studies and your first job with a Sony internship. They`re going to do something big. This is called “opportunity.” Sony maintains a compliance hotline that allows employees to report ethical concerns or seek advice on potential violations of laws or internal policies. The Compliance Hotline enables Sony Network Communications Nordics to respond quickly to potential risks of such concerns or potential violations. The Compliance Hotline is available worldwide and is directly linked to the corporate compliance manager. It is operated by an external company independently of the normal command line, and callers are protected from retaliation for reporting.

Summaries of helpline calls, survey results and updates on system operation are shared with our Compliance Officer. Sony AI is looking for highly motivated, autonomous individuals with expertise in AI-related areas of law, particularly data protection and copyright. Sony has many real-world AI applications in entertainment and electronics, and we are looking for smart and enthusiastic people who want to contribute to the development of fair, transparent and accountable technologies. Imagine you`re an intern developing the latest technology, from cameras to TVs to a whole new concept. Imagine the excitement. Imagine what you`d learn – and what opportunities might come with it. Sony interns work on real projects with brilliant people. This is the DNA of world-class care. To contact the editor responsible for this article: Marissa Horn at; John Hughes in Washington, This article was produced by Bloomberg Law Automation.

A career sounds like such an old-fashioned term, but think of it this way: it`s what you do. And you want that to count. Mitchell received his J.D. and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Michigan. The first Sony TR-55 transistor radio hit the market in 1955. One thing that is of particular interest to us: potential.