Technically, it will play on a potato, at least at the beginning of the game, as up to level 4, with graphics settings at low / 720p. I downloaded it to my potato PC to keep the factory running for a while, just to fill the warehouse with production parts. But this seems unsatisfactory. I play on GeForce Now. All settings are high, soft to butter, no noticeable input lag. There`s a free version to try, but I recommend the $5/month, you`ll understand why once you try it and get in line. But $60 a year is much cheaper than a PC upgrade. Ditto. I use AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM, 250Giga NVME SSD and a GTX 1060. I feel like it`s nothing high-end, but more than enough to run the game without putting a strain on the system. I`ve been interested in playing satisfactorily for a while and will probably buy it, but my PC isn`t super high-end and mid-range enough. I found an online video of someone who is happy with very similar specs to me, but this clip is from the beginning of the game and I know that these types of games can get much more difficult at the end of the game. Does anyone have similar specs to me and what were your experiences in the middle of the later game.

It wasn`t very noticeable until levels 6 and 7 started getting shifted frame rates because it has to render too much. As I understand it, the more you build, the more it puts a strain on the system. Hopefully, this is something developers can work on before release, especially if everyone is struggling to get up-to-date material. The most important factor that keeps this game running smoothly is actually RAM. If you have 16GB of RAM, you can do almost anything with any system. If you have a bad graphics card, just lower the settings to accommodate it. That being said, I bet this game is a lot more fun on a newer system that allows for mega-bases and larger, more decorative designs. I`m pretty sure I`m beating both the minimum and recommended system specs, but the game still runs terribly. The game was set to 4K in Ultra settings the first time and it was really slow and choppy. I tried to go to 1920×1080 at Ultra settings, then low settings, then lowest resolution at low settings and it still works very poorly.

Any suggestions? I`m pretty sure that no matter how much resources the system is, the huge factories will lag behind at this stage of development. More CPU/GPU and maybe RAM should delay the framerate sheet. The best course of action is to build several factories far apart from each other that produce a commodity instead of mega-factories. Additional Notes: Multiplayer requires an Internet connection. The game is in Early Access and minimum requirements are subject to change. Previous discussions have shown that 32GB of RAM is needed to avoid the late-game bottleneck as a CPU/game engine bottleneck is used around 20GB of RAM (plus system RAM requirements). For context, my wife and I are way beyond RAM and graphics requirements, but our processors are i5-750 2.67GHz and i5-760 2.80GHz, and our motherboards don`t even support chips as well as a 3570, so we should replace them too to get a decent processor. I realize that the Steam page has a minimum system requirements, but I also know that the system requirements are not always quite correct. My computer only has a meagre 2.4GHz processor, but it can run civ 6 and some DLC that the base game claims will require 2.5GHz to 2.6GHz. I updated my computer just to play satisfactorily.

When I bought the game in spring 2019, it wasn`t running on my rx 560 with a terrible fx6300 processor from 2012 (why the damn best buy sold me that in 2018 is a mystery to me). I upgraded to a Ryzen 3600x and the game works fine now. I still use my rx 560 GPU, I`m surprised I haven`t had to update it yet What are the minimum requirements to satisfy in PC parts like 16GB RAM or 32GB RAM, which graphics card and so on? Two different tech stacks on the backend. One great thing about these AAA games is that the world is mostly static, so you can cook and pre-render most things. With satisfactory, this is not the case, as we start with a pre-cooked/rendered world, but add dynamically. Not to mention, every machine is constantly running in your world, so even if it`s not rendered from your point of view, it still needs to update a spreadsheet somewhere to keep track of all the machine`s production. Have you even put your system on a bench to check if it is performing within the expected performance margins? Okay with all that. I have a 3080 and a Ryzen 9 with lots of RAM and it`s still a bit behind at level 7-8. My PC has the same specs (except the processor, mine is 2700), and I can run my huge factory at 50-60 FPS and host the server to play with my friend at 30FPS. I had strange accidents when I was in the center of my base, surrounded by factories, my storage center and a bunch of exposed belts. When I tried to paint the walls of the mall, the game crashed.

I tried to remove all the windows and boxes in the belts, but since then I decided to decentralize and rebuild much of my base so that the frame rate improved. I think the optimizations in Update 4 also helped. In the middle of the game, you need a half-decent graphics card, otherwise you will have to set the settings uncomfortably low. The game can get pretty intense, especially if you have a mega-factory running, but I wouldn`t buy hardware specifically for Satisfying. Can I return the game if I use a gift card to purchase? I have i5 6600 3.5Ghz, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970 and I have never had any problems running a game (26 days of gameplay) processor is AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor for 470 EUR then. Now 369 EUR. Thank you, it`s very useful so I also want to play is a graphics card r, x5600? And would an i9 be the best or rather an i7 or Ryzen processor perhaps? i5 10400, RTX 2070 Super, 16GB RAM. Ultra settings usually work at a stable 100, in my old backup my frames dropped to about 45 because I had very large factories.

🙂 You`re not sure what`s wrong with your page. I run it on an old PC and seem to work pretty well until I go crazy with treadmills if the game starts, then it`s a problem somewhere. If you are late to play, it is because you have a lot of belts that have proven to be a problem by removing all belts in the memory file. The PC with the highest performance can fight with the game when players build huge.