Hosting service bonus for 1 year. SSL security. Special plans for entrepreneurs and SMEs. A simple and concrete formulation for online sales is proposed; No more long and cumbersome documents that no one reads. To help you write, answer the questions: this part can not be missing, especially in online shops where customers must register to buy. This document has its raison d`être in the law on the protection of personal data, which expressly requires: Gross income: Provinces apply this tax to the sale of goods manufactured by purchasers in their jurisdiction or to the provision of services to be used in their jurisdiction. Rates range from 1% to 6%, depending on the activity and jurisdiction. This percentage refers to the gross turnover of the enterprise or enterprise. 3-month bonus to create and design your website or online store. This figure, unlike the Monotributo, applies to both natural and legal persons, and they must pay the following taxes: The legal requirements to be taken into account, says the specialist, are those inherent to any business: having created a company or business model that protects owners from risk while meeting tax requirements; Manage registration in AFIP with applicable fees and register the brand name if necessary.

Cost-effective and easy-to-use e-shop for small and medium-sized businesses. “Trust in the field of e-commerce is a fundamental element for the operation and development of the company, it is only built when clear, accurate and truthful information about the products or services offered and the details of the purchase transaction are exchanged. Does the shipment have separate costs? Do the fees have interest? What is the right of return? Like lies, confusing or incomplete information has short legs and usually ends with allegations,” he explains. Just like for images, a good alternative in this case is to go to audio banks, both free and paid. For example, YouTube has a very comprehensive audio library where you can find music and sound effects with different types of usage permissions. E-commerce platform for businesses that promotes home shopping, home delivery or on-site pickup. Finally, we share some exceptional offers from Argentine entrepreneurs who have chosen Argentienda to have their business online. There are more and more people in Argentina who are encouraged to have their own entrepreneurial spirit on the Internet and the opportunities that this medium offers. Also join your online store in Argentina. To define yourself among the different types of online sales companies in Argentina, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions: Online marketing strategies for small businesses and/or SMEs in Argentina. Connect customers and buyers through online channels. Service to create and manage personal websites easily and in just a few steps.

Creation of responsive websites and online shops AFIP registration: To sell products or services (online or offline) and legally invoice them (empty), it is necessary to be registered with the Federal Revenue Administration (FISA). However, there are two ways to do this: Collection regime: Since 2011, Afip has been implementing a collection for the sale of new goods, locations and the provision of services through virtual portals. The condition is that the seller makes 10 monthly operations for 20,000 pesos or more. The rate varies from 1% for VAT registered without delay, 3% for registered offences and 5% for unregistered persons. We already tell you what the legal requirements are for online sales in Argentina. Now we would like to discuss some important documents that every brand that joins the online sale must take into account: the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the use of cookies. Catalog of stores with online delivery for the cities of Concepción del Uruguay, Gualeguaychú, Urdinarrain and Basavilbaso. Free. Available to communities in need. Virtual process window for organizations and businesses with fixed or dynamic workflows. E-Learning: Specialists in the implementation of open source e-learning platforms entirely adapted to your needs.

Moodle-based solutions. This is an interactive form consisting of a QR code (see image below) that allows you to know the tax data of a company. According to the law, it must be placed in a visible place on the main page of the online store: online sales marketing for merchants throughout the country. Development of the online store from start to finish. Ecommerce comes ready to start selling. There are different ecommerce platforms that you can use to build your online store, but you need to keep in mind that your store needs to be able to integrate with other services and apps so that you can have an all-in-one. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial period where you can create your store and watch the subtitled tutorials on their Youtube channel, just click the Settings button on the video screen of your choice, then click Subtitles and select Spanish as the language. Ecommerce platform that integrates everything a business needs to sell online. Products, electronic payments and shipping. Various sales connections such as Instagram Shopping, Facebook Store, etc. The most common for small online sales businesses that are just starting out and consist of a single member is to register with AFIP as a monotributista.

Free subscription for 6 months to create a website, sell with an online store, create a blog and/or create your own online courses. By having these answers clearly, and once you have the solid concept, you can define what we commonly call a “marketing mix”, price, square, promotion and product. What will be the pillar to identify if you are on the right track before legalizing your business? Webexperto offers the possibility to open a web branch for retail or wholesale to show, sell and retrieve your offer (paid market, Ahora 12, Posnet), with a national scope (Andreani shipments, Correo Argentino). Integration with digital marketing materials and synchronization with your storage and pricing system. Customers can access it from their mobile phone. Custom online store design for retail and/or wholesale with logistics services, online collection and training with scalable tracking. Finally, another issue to consider is the use of musical works for trailers, which are now very fashionable, or promotional videos. In general, video channels like YouTube monitor unauthorized uses and disconnect (or directly prevent) videos containing copyrighted songs. Hi, is it enough to be a montributista to sell groceries online from home? Easycommerce platform® of e-commerce solutions for retail (B2C), wholesalers (B2B), mixed (B2B2C), integration of digital marketing, social networks, marketplaces, electronic means of payment, logistics operators and point-of-sale systems, invoicing and online management for companies. Development of e-commerce platforms integrated with virtual Posnet so that you have banking actions. The other option for online distributors that exceed the maximum amounts that can be charged as monotributista is to register as a registered controller.

Management software for gastronomic establishments.