He questioned whether photo prevention was part of the remit of the police protection unit. Immigration is just one of the difficult issues in his area of responsibility. This is a complex task that they were happy to leave to customer-facing teams. The besieged made great fires and did not seem to relax their vigilance. If at any time legal restrictions prevent the prompt transfer of all or part of the royalties [see if Acme is unable to pay any promptly] to any country in the territory where the product is sold, . For example, a person could transfer money to pay bills. The French war indemnity allowed him to repay a considerable part of the national debt and to pay certain taxes. Send or Send; like money. Potter v. Morland, 3 Kusch. (Mass) 388; Ilollowell v Life Ins. Co., 126 N.

C. 398, 35 S. E. GIG. Abandon; Cancel; abandon; than a tine. Jungbluth v. Redtield, 14 Fed. Cas. 52; Gibson v. Men, 5 Huns (N.Y.) 543.

Space travel remained largely the responsibility of professional astronauts or very wealthy astronauts. To convey these meanings, the command and transfer have a nineteenth-century atmosphere. I would have no qualms about replacing them with the less picky alternatives of remuneration and payment or transfer (the verb and the noun), as in the following examples: Its mandate is narrow – it has no jurisdiction over government agencies, banks or non-profit organizations. Fifty minutes later, when the bid monitoring contract was awarded to Hunt, Osborne replied, “I hope you like the solution!” And since the transfer is an abstract noun, perhaps you can replace it with a verb (see MSCD 16.7.): . an amount that the creditor or the administrative delegate may designate as a proportion of the amount reimbursed that does not leave him in a better or worse situation after the transfer [see payment] than if. But even someone as senior as Xie is unlikely to have the full task of negotiating on behalf of his country. Once each system is substantially completed, the developer transfers to the contractor half of the amount retained for that system. For the passage in cabin in your ship, duty free and correctly paid, we transfer the rest. The words order and transfer appear relatively frequently in contracts. Black`s Law Dictionary defines the order: “Transmit (in the form of money) (upon receipt of the letter of claim, he immediately transferred the amount owing).” And this is how he defines transfers: “1.

A sum of money sent to another in payment for goods or services. 2. An instrument (such as a cheque) used to send money. 3. The act or process of sending money to another person or place. But this was not the responsibility of the Dutch investigators. TO BE SUBMITTED. Cancellation of a fine or confiscation. 2. This is usually done by the courts, where they have the discretion of the law: for example, if a juror is fined after being duly summoned for failing to appear in court and presenting evidence to the court when it appears that he was ill and unable to attend, The court waives the fine. 3.In commercial law, transfer means sending money, invoices, or anything else that fits the purpose of the money. He added that Ms.

Grant`s father was very wealthy and that he should not be surprised if he had to transfer 500 litres. U.S. consuls can tell you the names and amounts you need to transfer for individual copies. Some contexts may require a more specific alternative, such as reimbursement (verb or noun). To send or send. Waiver or surrender, e.g. in the event of a fine, sanction or sanction.