1. Scent of animal meat and fish cooking, especially Salmon!
2. Self-service buffets where green salad choices tend to be garnished with animal meat, usually pepperoni or pieces of ham.
3. delivered buffets the spot where the machine uses exactly the same utensils to dish upwards beef and vegetarian alternatives.

4. Restaurants that don’t offer a veggie option.
5. The cooking of poultry in supermarkets.
6. Vehicle boot income…. the dreadful stench through the hamburger vehicles.
7. Restaurants where all tables come in complete view and smelling distance on the carvery.
8. Airlines that constantly forget about you’ve pre-ordered a veggie food.
9. Cookery programmes on TV…. Let us have actually a veggie cookery plan for a change.
10. General decreased comprehension for my choice as veggie.

These are typically some of my dislikes, should you decide or your veggie dates would wish to add to this number please do so by leaving an answer.