Hi guys, Recently I bought a Honda CRX del Sol and I wanted to make some aesthetic changes, rims, bodywork, movies, the only question I ask myself is whether or not it is legal to put a body kit in a car right now in 2021 compared to the rest I read which is cool, as long as you do the homologation in IMT, but as far as the body kit is concerned are different information and I am confused, if you can help me, I would be very grateful for the stupidity of you to buy and assemble everything in the car and then go for approval, but call there and inquire with them. And look at what they tell you at IMT, there they said I could make changes to the seats and my car almost failed the inspection this month because of that reason, the police said I could make changes to the seats and I could make changes to the seats and my car was almost inspected this month because of this sorry. but I know that tastes are not discussed, but del.sol is already a classic and any aesthetic modification is only f.. If you really like, like cars, with a car of this age, just overhaul everything that includes bearings, suspension, arms that should no longer be 100%, cooling and vacuum tubes, travages, hubs, engine mounts, etc. Even inside, it can be a Honda, but age does not forgive and the foam of the seats should already lose consistency. That`s all, it gives you a rag for mangoes. You take my devaluation by desecrated anger another del Sol :` ( But does it happen to answer the question? Coincidentally, I also liked to know the legislation on certain things, I considered the replica fins as a fundamental visual improvement. Don`t worry, mine is anything but classic or rare! Hahaha Произошла ошибка, повторите попытку. Обновите окно браузера и повторите попытку. I just really wanted to put a spoiler similar to the original, because to my amazement it doesn`t have and a more “aggressive” bumper forward and backward, I will of course stick to the original parts of the car if one day decides to sell like this or get tired. I gave you a positive vote because I really share the same philosophy as you.

I see there is too much Soursale here. They are the ones who approve everything with the IMT.