To assist our suppliers in their dealings with us, this section contains information about BHP`s procurement. In order to align with BHP`s position on zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment, the minimum requirements for suppliers have been updated with effect from November 16, 2021 to include a set of sexual harassment requirements that apply to all new and existing suppliers who wish to work with BHP. At BHP, we are aware of the importance of our suppliers and are committed to providing opportunities to participate in our global supply chain, including specific opportunities for local and national suppliers. BHP`s ethical supply chain processes apply without exception to all current and new suppliers of goods and services. We take this responsibility very seriously and see it not only as crucial for the sustainable operation of our business, but also as the right thing to do. Use this link to download a copy of the frequently asked questions on changing payment terms for small local and local suppliers. Always ensure that the supplier (including its beneficial owners) is deemed, competent and qualified to perform the work for which it is hired; work safely and ethically; and that the compensation sought is appropriate. Take steps to monitor and evaluate the supplier`s performance. This requires at least a careful review of service entry sheets and invoices and answering the supplier`s questions about unclear or excessive fees.

Always inform suppliers where they can access our Code so that they understand our expectations of them. Our $5.7 billion Jansen Stage 1 project in Saskatchewan, Canada, will produce potash – a new raw material for BHP used in fertilizers to support a carbon-free world. Once completed, the project will deliver 4.35 million tonnes of potash per year, with initial production planned for 2027 and accelerated over two years. The new suppliers BHP and HBJV (Hatch Bantrel Joint Venture), our partner EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management), use a number of databases to gather information from suppliers and contractors interested in exploring the possibilities of the Jansen Potash project. Please visit the Jansen Stage 1 website to learn more about how to deliver to the project. Log in to GCMS for Registered Suppliers to complete and maintain your business profile and respond to a RFP/quote/information All suppliers must meet the minimum requirements for suppliers – BHP HSEC, Human Rights and Business Conduct. All newly registered vendors must log in to the Global Contract Management System (GCMS) and create their SAP Business Network (Ariba) account to ensure fast and successful integration and streamlined transactions. Ask questions about unclear or excessive fees.⢠Payments only to contractual counterparties who actually provide the goods or services.

BHP`s minimum requirements for suppliers set out the minimum health, safety, environmental, community and business conduct requirements for all BHP suppliers. Meeting our minimum requirements for suppliers is a prerequisite for doing business with BHP. BHP`s goal is to have state-of-the-art digital capabilities that enable collaboration with our valued suppliers. SAP Business Network provides a simple, seamless and fast way to manage orders, send and receive payments. This will simplify the way we do business in the future. We use a fair and equitable procurement process that aims to clearly inform potential suppliers of our expectations and standards and the requirements that apply to them. We encourage our suppliers to be transparent in matters that are important to society, including their beneficial ownership. Suppliers acting illegally or unethically can significantly damage our reputation and potentially expose BHP and our employees to criminal and civil penalties. We only try to work with suppliers who are willing to adhere to values similar to ours. BHP has created SAWU, a local purchasing program designed to support and develop our local and Indigenous suppliers in collaboration with BHP, and we encourage local and local suppliers to enroll in the program.

If you are not eligible for the Local Purchase Program, but wish to provide goods and/or services to our Minerals Americas business. Consulte la hoja informativa de BHP que explica cómo seleccionar una cuenta, funcionalidad y contactos de soporte. All goods and services delivered to the Company shall be delivered in accordance with the Company`s Terms and Conditions for Orders set forth herein, unless a separate priority written contract has been entered into with the Company. Always procure goods or services in accordance with our procurement requirements standards and our legal, contracting and litigation requirements, as well as the corresponding Procurement Functional Level (FLR) requirements. Learn more about our local purchasing programs and express your interest in becoming a potential BHP supplier. Training Guide on Using the SAP Business Network (Ariba) Account At BHP, the security of our company, including our employees and the communities in which we operate, is a top priority. It is important that all of our suppliers are aware of their safety obligations at BHP, the role they play as a supplier to BHP, and how we work to make the work of our contractors at BHP safer and easier.