As quoted directly by Gov.UK`s website: “Signs on a license plate can be 3D.” In order to facilitate vehicle identification through automatic license plate recognition systems, license plates must have a continuous black font. This, in fact, prohibits plates with a two-tone 2D font, which makes it look like 3D. True raised 3D lettering is still allowed. In accordance with the latest standards, we approve all Easy Plates branded license plates and the UK standards they meet. It has been found that some companies have mistakenly advertised their 4D colored crystal license plates as legal on the street, but this is not the case and could lead to problems with traffic police teams! If your license plates have been approved for road traffic at the time of purchase, they are still legal, provided they display the BSAU code 145d on the license plate itself. Under the new laws adopted by the DVLA, 3D and 4D license plates are legal, but to pass a TÜV, owners must comply with certain rules. The main reason for the rule change is that many fancy surfaces and license plate adjustments prevent ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras from selecting license plates on moving vehicles. To ensure good visibility and allow anPR cameras to find license plates, new rules have been introduced. As you may already know, the term “4D” is just an industry standard name for distinguishing 3D gel resin and 4D laser cut license plates. 4D plates are still considered 3D and are therefore permitted by applicable UK law.

Since all the license plates we produce at Utopia Plates meet these requirements, all of our license plates are fully approved by the street and have been checked by the DVLA itself during a visit to our premises. We receive these questions on a daily basis and understand your concern about the legal aspects regarding your panels and the future of the custom plate industry. Immediately following the changes in September 2021, additional requirements were added in March 2022. We understand that many people found this confusing and wondered if this was the right time to invest in 3D or 4D plates. Having a private number is indeed a matter of pride, so why not display them with attractive glitter or sparkling neon fonts? Few license plate manufacturers provide scintillating license plates in their catalog. Simple license plates offer you 3D gel and 4D glitter license plates with neon or krystal suits. Feel free to browse our collection of glitter license plates to increase the attractiveness of your car. Would you like to buy a set of our 4D Laser Cut license plates? These are our two main styles. These are illegal for use on the road and do not pass a TÜV.

They must not be of a colour other than white, yellow or black on a licence plate. As mentioned above, signs in licence plates must be approved for road traffic in the UK. Although Krystal license plates technically have no color and only reflect the color of the background. It is therefore safe to say that colored crystal license plates are approved for road traffic. Everything we produce at Utopia Plates has been verified as completely legal on the street by the DVLA itself during a visit to our premises. Offer yourself peace and order with us today. Easy Number Plates is your one-stop destination for finding top-notch sparkling license plates for your car. Get the best sparkling license plates with high-quality gel characters, the finest glossy finish, and more resistant materials to survive friction/accidents.

A single license plate is surprised to increase the aesthetics of the entire car – the sparkling license plates (front and rear) will certainly add charm to your favorite car. Attach the trailer license plate as far away as possible from the license plate of the towing vehicle. Your trailer must have the same license plate as the vehicle you use to tow it. If you are pulling more than one trailer, the license plate must be attached to the trailer at the rear. If you drive a motorcycle or tricycle registered before September 1, 2001, you can also display a license plate at the front, but you are not obliged to do so. ● The license plate material is reflective ● There is no background pattern ● The front panel letters are black on white ● The rear license plate letters are black on yellow ● License plate signs must have a certain size and height: ● All characters must be 79 mm in size ● They must be 55 mm wide, with the exception of the number 1 or the letter I ● The lines on these black characters must be 14 mm thick ● The distances between them must measure 11 mm. ● There are other rules regarding character spacing and margins that you can find in the DVLA INF104 brochure. The black 3D or 4D gel numbers are enriched with a glitter gel to create a multicolored glittering look that can be perceived from a distance. At first glance, the entire arrangement exudes an attractive and extravagant look. Glitter gel combinations rely on the highest quality acrylic sheets to prevent breakage due to small collisions or high-pressure jets during washing. Get exclusive plates with 3M reflective cooking and 3M cooking. Yes.

DvLA and MOT are very careful to keep the classic black font on white and yellow surfaces. Easy Plates` glitter license plates have bold black fonts with a glitter gel to enhance the appearance of the fonts. You can choose from a variety of options (catalogued by Easy Number Plates) and receive an individual license plate from us. Three significant changes came into effect in March 2022, building on the license plate rules introduced in September 2021. These are: The enthusiasm for cars is real. But when it comes to cars, there is a new trend of trendy license plates that can also be seen among people in the UK. While 3D and 4D license plates have been all the rage, there has been a new set of Krystal license plates lately. Most people are confused with the new laws. Where some are convinced that 3D and 4D license plates or Krystal license plates are no longer legal, others take the time to understand the new rules and regulations. So what are the new rules? If you have a license plate created AFTER September 1, 2021, it will display the code BS145e and must comply with the new DVLA rules. A: There are over 15 options under glitter license plates and we are meticulously expanding our catalog to include more DVLA approved license plate styles.

The short answer is YES. 3D plates and 4D plates are still legal. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Currently, signs on a license plate can be 3D if: The BSAU code on a license plate indicates the standard according to which the license plate was manufactured: Motorcycles and three-wheeled motor vehicles registered on or after September 1, 2001 may carry only one license plate at the rear of the vehicle. If you use a pair of 3D or 4D laser cut license plates on your vehicle, you should have no problems with the police, TÜV, VOSA or DVLA test stations as long as they meet the above requirements. If your trailer must be registered to go abroad, you must affix the registration number of the trailer as well as the registration plate of the towing vehicle at the rear. With the trend towards custom license plates, there are different styles and finishes in 4D gel license plates. These are becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts. Panels must not be removable or reflective. If your license plates were mounted after September 1, 2021, they must also have a single shade of black. Before we discuss the laws, let`s first understand what 4D license plates are.

4D license plates are a slightly more sophisticated upgrade than 3D license plates. 3D license plates are made with raised surfaces, while 4D license plates are made by laser cutting acrylic letters. The quality of the differentiation between the two is that in 4D license plates, the letters are supported by a different background color, which gives them a realistic 4D look. So we`ve all seen the video of the police officer talking about 3D/4D plate laws in 2021. Under the new license plate standards, many design options are excluded. Luckily, you can still buy glitter, neon lights, and Krystal license plates. In 2021, a number of unfounded concerns about the continued legality of 3D and 4D plates gained ground when the DVLA revised its rules. The custom plate industry received a lot of questions about what the changes meant.

Order display signs or glitter plates exclusively from Easy Number Plates. The license plates of motorcycles and motorcycles must be on 2 lines. Licence plate laws in the UK have strict standards that must be met to ensure the legality of a licence plate. These include precise millimeter spacing of letters, font, and even reflective layers of the license plate. A: When it comes to quality, Easy Number Plates creates license plates according to BS AU 145e standards to comply with DVLA standards and meet TÜV regulations. Part of the laws is that the rear license plate must have a high reflective yellow and the front license plate must have a perfect white that meets the same reflective standards.