So why use coil spacers? Coil spacers are ideal for those who want a moderate increase in lifting height while driving and handling near the factory for as little money as possible. They`re also a great idea if you want to increase the height of your 4×4 but want to be sure of the extra height before jumping into the cost of a full suspension kit. This material is one of the most popular for spacing lifting kits. Polyurethane is often a higher durometer than the rubber equivalent and its excellent chemical resistance properties have proven to be almost insensitive to fuel, fuel oil and other road contaminants. Some kits even have a lifetime warranty. Polyurethane as a liquid that can be poured into molds of almost any mold and then processed once for a smooth and even finish. Polyurethane spacers are available in many colors as well as in a variety of durometers (hardness) or thicknesses. Increasing the hardness of the spacer can make them more susceptible to cracks when overloaded. Polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance and the ability to machine the final product to the exact dimensions creates a high-end spacer.

Today, more and more high-end spacer hoists are made of aluminum (cast and billet) or steel. Unlike aluminum, steel spacers are sensitive to rust if they are not properly coated and placed in position to prevent movement. Metal spacers can be powder coated, painted or anodized in a variety of different colors for an individual look. Under certain circumstances, aluminum spacers may experience low electrolysis if they are mounted directly on the steel frame and the vehicle experiences a stubborn loss of power. Unlike rubber and polyurethane, metal spacers do not provide additional vibration damping. Driving on metal spacers is sometimes considered rougher, although it cannot be worse than the original configurations because the materials of the assembly components are still considered equivalent. Metal ensures a robust and durable choice of materials for suspension elevators. Strut spacers or leveling kits are a common way to lift your truck and get the look you`re looking for.

Although some types of spacers are still made of rubber, this material is becoming increasingly rare in the production of spacer lifting kits. Softer rubber offers exceptional vibration damping properties, but the higher cost of raw materials, expensive tools and the manufacturing process limit production on higher spacers. Rubber is generally not completely insensitive to fuels, oils and road contaminants. The softer material can withstand tearing, but overloading or pinching can lead to failures if not maintained. The law says. Yes, our spacer lifting kits are legal With spacers, all your suspension is now distributed downwards; Therefore, at full compression, the bump stop is not high enough to touch the chassis and absorb forces. The SuperPro Ezy-Lift kit is an alternative that best suits the softcore 4WD owner who wants a less intrusive, easily reversible, inexpensive, safe and legal option to get a little more ground clearance and get the “feel” of the O.E suspension with the appearance of a high-end ute. However, there are some significant drawbacks of strut spacers that need to be taken into account as they revolve around safety. Strut spacers are simply a piece of steel that sits between your struts and the strut attachment points to push your suspension down a few inches. This will give you the boost you need without breaking the bank.

So if you just want your 4×4 to be lifted a few inches as quickly and cheaply as possible, then spacers could be exactly what you need. If cost isn`t a factor and you`re looking for better performance, safety, and handling, check out a custom coil spring replacement or a full suspension kit. For more information or help with both options, contact Superior Engineering and let their technical sales team help you choose the right parts for your 4×4. What you can`t do, however, is use extended strings on sheet packets. They are frowned upon by, well, just about everyone. Despite the fact that they do essentially the same thing as a spiral spacer, the springs move much more. Where this becomes a problem is that with a proper high-quality chassis kit, you can get a diff drop kit, extended brake lines, and adjustable UCUs. works. This ensures that everything works exactly as it should. But they`re pretty expensive, especially if you put them against a $100 spacer set.

So when you add a bunch of spacers, be sure to think about the accompanying mods that are right for them. Spring rubbers are a quick and cost-effective way to change the rate of a spring. By adding rubbers, you increase the speed of the spring by eliminating the effects of one or more coils. On the other hand, you can get a lower spring rate by removing the rubber. Spring rubbers are a quick and cost-effective way to change the rate of a spring. They are only used to balance the ride height, not for a poor man. In the above case, they are perfectly fine! Do the coil spacer brackets go up or down? Metal – Coil strut spacers that are usually bolted between a coil strut top cap and the strut holder on the chassis, with the whole set protruding downwards. Spring spacers are discs that rest on your springs in a vehicle equipped with coils. Whether it`s a 4X4 fixed axle coil suspension or an IFS rigging with strut threaded configurations, they work on the same principle. As the name suggests, they place your spring at a fixed amount of the spring seat. This corresponds to the buoyancy of your all-wheel drive.

They usually come in sizes of 25-50mm, unless you`re in the US and have 12-inch spring spacing brackets. They are cheap, easy to assemble and are a solid alternative to spring replacement. For those with an IFS front suspension who are looking for economical, small/moderate lift, then maybe a strut spacer is for you. Metal coil strut spacer, usually bolted between a screw strut top cap and the strut bracket on the chassis, with the whole set spaced down. Since the strut remains essentially unchanged, the full joint is kept within the limits of the bump stops. A word of warning – When the spacer kits are mounted above the top bracket, it can result in a stroke too stretched down (suspension). This overwork can damage the kneecaps, CV joints and/or components. When the strut spacer kits are mounted above the upper bracket, the shock absorber assembly can reach its bottom before the lower triangle reaches the shock absorber stop.

This can potentially lead to greater structural damage and/or complete shock failure. Ideally, each IFS suspension lift should be performed in conjunction with a suitable diff drop kit to maintain the CV and axle life. Road performance and road manners are the main topics covered here. In many cases, the upper triangle hits the coil springs when fully suspended and since everything is from a different angle, the truck`s handling and ride quality will never be the same again. Instead, now all the strength will pass through your struts, which they can bend and cause an accident. There is no specific reference to Strut spacers in VSB14, so we treated them in the same way as blocks and made sure all other rules and ADRs were followed. SuperPro recognizes that space elevators have an ugly past. As a rule, they have not been properly developed or tested by the manufacturer/importer. We`ve also seen manufacturers make these kits to lift vehicles beyond a safe or legal elevator.

SuperPro did the technical work to get these kits correctly! We integrated the suspension geometry of each vehicle into the design of each kit, including taking into account the fixed height to ensure that the shock absorber does not reach the bottom before pressing the shock absorber stop. The lifting height of each kit is unique and the associated equipment is designed and built to be safe and legal. No other spacer on the market achieves what SuperPro has. At present, spacing of the struts is not illegal, but extended chains are definitely illegal in New South Wales and QLD. If you plan to do some off-road work, coil spacing brackets are not recommended as they limit the stroke (bump) and push the spring down and straddle the sagging. Product. Mr. Gasket Universal Coil Spring Booster has two grooves to avoid jumping. The design allows for easier installation and offers a safe way to restore your car to its original height. The 1″ elevator is the ideal way to lift all cars equipped with coil springs without compromising handling or handling. Some truck owners don`t like this look and want to balance the rear at the front.

Since it`s just a matter of appearance and not performance, spacers are often the first choice. When it comes to a simple coil spring spacer, we recommend polyurethane rather than metal and rubber. Polyurethane is often more beautiful, does not rust, has good chemical resistance properties and the conduct is better. So look for high-quality polyurethane if you`re considering a cost-effective coil spring spacer kit.