What types of snakes can you own in California? Like reptiles, snakes in California are not as strictly regulated as mammals, which is why Burmese pythons are legal here, although they have become a threat to native species in Florida. You can also own almost any other type of non-toxic snake. The California ordinance states that not all members of the equine family are restricted. Provided they are not banned by another regulation, this would make zebras, wild horses and donkeys, and all their hybrids legal. Zebras are not as shocking to possess as you might think and are sometimes cared for like typical farm animals. They are scared more easily than horses and donkeys and need an experienced trainer in case someone wants to ride them. The idea of riding zebras was popularized by the children`s film Racing Stripes. Pet zebras are more common and reasonable than pets, which are interesting to look at. Several species of ungulates are legal in California, although most are actually domesticated, although they are considered “exotic.” These include water buffaloes, yaks, flat-bellied pigs, alpaca and llamas.

Some of the world`s largest snakes that possess the ability to kill an adult human (although their actual occurrences are rare) appear to be legal in California because, unlike venomous snakes and crocodiles, they are not on the list of banned reptiles. These include the Burmese python, the net-shaped python, and the green anaconda. Unfortunately, these snakes are also listed as pest species in the Lacey Act, which means they can be possessed but cannot be brought across state borders. The boa constrictor is a smaller species that is not listed on the Lacey Act and is legal in California. Here is a list of illegal exotic animals in California. In California, greyhounds F3 and under (F4, F5, etc.) are legal. This means that the “wolf”, most likely a high-content greyhound, but for the most part indistinguishable in appearance and behavior, is the great-grandparent of the offspring. These animals are still visible to the general public and are likely to be more problematic than high-quality/”pure” wolves because they are less predictable due to their mixed genetics. With such an identity crisis, it`s a shame that these blends are the only option people have to own a legal wolfdog. Note that ferrets are legal under most state laws, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wyoming, etc. It`s legal to own both llamas and alpacas in California, but unlike the other unusual pets on our list, these unique animals are best kept in herds as cattle rather than individual pets.

Ferrets are part of the mustelid family, which makes them related to otters, mink, weasels and pearl cats. Although they are very popular and legal in almost every state in North America, they are illegal in California and Hawaii. So if you`re thinking of leaving the state, you could get yourself a ferret! Don`t forget to get vaccinated against rabies. Pennsylvania does not list exotic animals that are legally kept without permission. Squirrels eat almost everything, which is part of the reason why it`s illegal to keep them as pets in California. You can see many squirrels in the wild while camping in California, but it`s illegal to keep one as a pet. Feeding a wild animal – including a squirrel – is an animal nuisance under the California Fish and Game Code with a fine of up to $1,000 for feeding an animal! Like ferrets, gerbils are popular pets in the United States. However, the climate in California resembles the natural desert habitat of a gerbil. As a result, state officials fear that gerbils that escape or are released into the wild could establish wild colonies that would harm native crops and plants and animals. This makes it illegal to maintain a gerbil in California.

It`s illegal to own dangerous regulated animals, including: Maybe you`ve always wanted to own a monkey, or you`re wondering if it`s legal for your neighbor to have this puma in their garden. Fortunately for your curiosity, every state has exotic animal laws that allow, restrict, or prohibit the possession of certain animal species. The following article describes in detail some of these state laws. Answer: I think so. Greyhounds are legal in California and that`s most likely what any “wolf” would be like if someone not affiliated with the zoo bought one. So I am legally allowed to have a Corn Snake as a pet in California. can show anyone the dark web if they want an animal that is illegal in their state for a reason. So, before you bring the sugar glider, furry ranch fox or Quaker parakeet to California, it`s worth knowing that these are illegal pets in California. These five cute and popular – but forbidden – creatures are also illegal: Call our law firm for legal advice.