My family and I went through my late father`s weapons collection and in part of the collection I inherited his two AR-15s. My brother or sister wants them. I`ve never owned a military rifle before and I have no idea if they are legal in New Jersey. They both have non-foldable stocks and both have bayonets. I know you have to remove the horns. They don`t have flash suppressors. One rifle is a CMMG Model MOD4 SA 5.56x45mm NATO 20″ barrel and the other is a high model 5.56x45mm NATO 20″ HAS-15 barrel. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Its collection is quite extensive. It will take us some time to get through all of this.

Thank you. Aside from the evil bayonet carnation (you know, cause of the whole bayonet reader in Camden) that you already know has to go, you also have a 15rd block or leave those bad 30rds high hooded apart from the fact that what you listed makes you legal once the horn is sanded, or better yet, sell those barrels of the state and put legal ones out of them. This way, you just picked up and left, and more importantly, it is never in your possession in this state with illegal features. It is delayed. I want two. I don`t think the law specifically mentions bayonets, just horns. Someone corrects me if I am wrong. Tar hunting.

Cut off the bayonets, classify them so that they look neat and beat the swept area with cold blue and that`s it. You indicated that the gun does not have a camera at the end, but is it threaded? Otherwise, your rifles will be legal once you cut off the bayonet carnation. Step Two: If it`s not on the prohibited list, it can still be illegal. If it is semi-automatic and has a removable charger, it can only have one “evil feature”. More than one unpleasant feature makes it illegal. The evil traits are: Christie is taking steps that could make it easier to legally carry a handgun in New Jersey. Although fully automated firearms are mostly illegal nationwide, federal officials say bump-stock devices are not banned by federal law because they simply mimic the high rate of fire of a machine gun. If the mags are made of metal and you know someone with a welder, it`s easy to make them legal. Figure out where the pendant with 14 rounds loaded is, just to be sure, drill a hole in the back spine and install a blind rivet, then give it an adhesive solder and it`s done. If it is plastic mags, you need to install a block and permanently glue the base with epoxy resin, I understand that a blind rivet alone is not acceptable without a real weld. A bayonet holder simply removes the horns with an angle grinder.

Although they cannot fire bursts like automatic weapons without modification, they are classified by law as prohibited offensive weapons if they have at least 2 of the following: a folding or telescopic shaft; a pistol grip that protrudes prominently under the weapon; a bayonet mount; a flash removal or thread barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor; and a grenade launcher. Conventional rifles, shotguns, and handguns are legal to buy and own in the state. But New Jersey requires a license to purchase a handgun, as well as a gun buyer ID card to purchase a long gun, such as a rifle or shotgun, under state law. The state also requires a background check. Automatic weapons are prohibited, as is any weapon that falls within the state`s legal definition of an offensive weapon. If the barrel is threaded, you need to make legal something other than a flash cover, brake or compensator and have it glued and welded. Remember that you need to remove the bayonet carnation WHOLE, not just the ears that stare at the bayonet. But NJ also says that any firearm that is “substantially identical” to any of the listed firearms is also illegal. Since “essentially identical” is an absurd term, the courts have said it is not enough. He told the NJAG that he needed to define the term more clearly.

He proposed something completely ridiculous and far from the intent of the law, but the courts agreed. He came up with a list of 5 evil qualities. I don`t know what to do to confirm that my AR NJ is legal. I`ve read so much and it just doesn`t come together for me. I just want to get rid of this thing so I don`t have to worry, but in New Jersey, I don`t even know how to do it. Thank you. After rereading the regs, I realized that I could just cut the bayonets and get rid of the bigger mags. Since this is such an evil weapon state, I just wanted to make sure I stayed out of the reporting. It also has no limit on the number of rifles that can be purchased legally.

Does it have a flash cache? Is this muzzle device pinned and welded? Do you have a telescopic and/or foldable stock? Do you have a bayonet carnation? I disagree. Shaving the ears of a bayonet carnation makes the bayonet carnation unusable, in which it is no longer a bayonet carnation. So I ask again why, for the sake of, wouldn`t you spend the extra 10 minutes on the Dremel (which you`ve already used to cut off locked ears) to remove what you call “the useless piece of metal”, knowing that (with a piece of tape or even a fastener) it is certainly still considered a bayonet eyelet, if you`re stupid (like a lautenberg “He yelled at me, he threw popcorn at me, I`m scared, and HE HAS GUNS!) Complaint????? Bump stocks can be sold legally in New Jersey.