It is this pool of comprehensive, analytical and authoritative proprietary work on the law, practice and theory of arbitration that makes arbitration indispensable and unique. The database is not only a source of information: it provides insight into the mechanisms and complexities of the field and provides researchers with real-world experience, technical know-how and – invaluable – the perspective of leaders in the field. Feel free to send an email. Comprehensive know-how and documentation for all managers: • National laws; • International institutions; • National institutions; • International arbitration treaties; • Bilateral and regional agreements. JURIS Arbitration Law is a database platform that covers virtually all forms of international and U.S. arbitration. Are you an arbitrator? Contact us about an entry into The Roster and improve your profile and visibility in the world of arbitration today. In addition to indispensable source documents such as BITs, arbitral awards, court decisions, domestic arbitrations, institutional rules and procedures, etc., arbitration law offers a multitude of exclusive analyses and commentary from the heads of the arbitral tribunal. Books, journals, monographs, treatises and practical guides written or edited by outstanding contributors in the field such as Emmanuel Gaillard, Lawrence Newman, Doak Bishop, George Bermann, Edna Sussman, Loukas A.

Mistelis, Michael Moser, Sophie Nappert, Lucy Reed, Laurence Shore and dozens of others are all available exclusively on Arbitration Law. Juris Conferences is a leading organization designed to promote discourse between leaders in international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. To date, we have presented more than 100 lectures. Our goal is to provide interested lawyers with access to the thinking of these leaders and entry into the exceptional forums of international arbitration. As a division of JurisNet, LLC, the leading legal publisher of arbitration publications, Juris Conferences is in a privileged position to provide the latest and most relevant developments and expertise to arbitration and ADR stakeholders. The list was founded by Hans Smit in collaboration with Columbia University`s Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law with one word in mind: transparency. Smit was a visionary, scholar and leading practitioner in the field of international arbitration, and an expert in international litigation. He knew at the time that there was and should be greater visibility within the international arbitration community. Continuing the tradition described by Hans Smit with The Roster, we would like to provide you with the most complete and comprehensive database of qualified referees. Do you want to meet the best referees in the world? The list of international arbitrators of arbitration law is here to help.

The list is a free database and contains detailed information on more than 1000 of the world`s most qualified and accomplished referees from more than 85 countries. The list is a remarkable search tool and can be searched and filtered by name, nationality, language and more than 110 domains as well as by name, nationality, language and more than 110 domains. To see and purchase all the latest JURIS publications, visit our News. The three subscription types listed below have the same benefits (see What are the benefits of the subscription? above). All Premium Arbitration Law Content, including nearly 250 exclusive articles, practice manuals and monographs You can subscribe to arbitration law journals individually or through the All Journal Online Access Bundle subscription. For more information, please visit our Newspapers page. Stay up to date on the latest information about the conference Publications in printed form and e-book PDF can be purchased on arbitration law. Discover the richness of the Arbitration Law bookstore and easily order exclusive print or digital publications online.

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