Every state has its share of strange laws. Some of them made sense when they came into effect, but were later outdated and forgotten. Others were created to give cities some notoriety – some were even meant to be jokes. Eventually, people forgot about them, and municipal governments simply never came back to remove them from the books. Whatever the reasons for these 10 wonderfully strange laws in Nebraska, they are all worth being well erie: Nebraska, like every other state in the United States, has a number of laws in its constitution that are so obscure and strange that one wonders who invented them. For example, in 1889, in the city of Lincoln, believe it or not, there was a $1 fine for lack of attractiveness. With a population of 1,963,692 (according to the census), nearly a quarter of that population lives in the city of Omaha, the state`s largest city. All of these residents are governed by a state legislature that has strange laws that Nebrascans must abide by. And that said, here are ten strange laws in Omaha. Florida got into trouble in 2013 when it accidentally banned all computers in the state. A confusingly worded law banning Internet cafes involved in illegal gambling has led to a lawsuit, arguing that the ban could be interpreted as applying to any device connected to the internet.

The stupidest law in recent times is the mask demanded by the Omaha City Council. You heard the saying when you tried to stop a dust storm with a chain link fence. Go out to eat if you want to see how stupid this law is. Try to sit at the door and then watch. Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa, it is illegal to sell cars or recreational vehicles on Sundays. One of the strangest laws in the books of the Nebraska legislature is the one that excludes people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from marriage. The state considers all sexually transmitted diseases to be contagious and pose a serious threat to public health, according to its website. This may sound reasonable in terms of lockdown, but what does it have to do with wanting to walk down the aisle? Omaha, NE – Like most boxing fans, I`m inspired by Terence “Bud” Crawford. And so, of course, one day I want to visit his hometown. However, before visiting a new city, I usually familiarize myself with its fundamental laws. Nebraska, like most places, has a lot of weird laws in the books that we`re not even sure we want to know the reasons for. One of our favorite weird and illegal things in Nebraska is the fact that it`s illegal to be ugly in public, which means we probably shouldn`t get out that quickly.

Oh, and if you have an active gonorrhea infection, you need to clarify this before you get married, because it is illegal here to marry gonorrhea. You can`t fly a plane under the influence of alcohol, and you can`t eat onions between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. if you`re a hairdresser. Strange, isn`t it? Bag. Laws like this have stood the test of time and although they are not followed today, they remain in the books. Below is a list of eight strange “Cornhusker” state laws from ancient and recent times. Have we met them all? What other strange Nebraska laws have you heard of? Let us know in the comments section! “Mom,” said a teenager, “are you going to style my hair for the prom?” The law states that the landowner can create a path specifically to the cemetery to ensure easier access or simply direct anyone who is legally on your property.

However, there are certain times of the year when this is possible. You can only do this on Remembrance Day and between November 1 and March 1. At any other time, it is recommended that anyone accessing a cemetery notify the owner of his presence. According to the Hasting Municipal Code § 25-214, “it is illegal for any person to spit on a sidewalk or zebra passageway, or on the hallway, steps, approaches or stairs leading to a public building or public gathering place in the city.” If you`re caught using a reptile at a church service in Kentucky, you can face a fine of more than $50. This law was probably born to address the practice of snake manipulation that developed in some isolated churches in the early 20th century. Until 2002, it was illegal in Connecticut to store city records in places where alcohol is sold. It is not clear whether a particular incident triggered the first passage of this law. Did you know that it is illegal in Rhode Island to bite someone`s arm? And even teachers can`t talk to students about holding hands in Tennessee. Next time you`re in Grand Rapids, Ohio, pay attention to your alien pet. The law requires that “the owner or keeper of a member of a species of the animal kingdom that is beyond the care or control of the owner or keeper and that is not native to that state or that presents a risk of serious physical harm to persons or property” must report the escape to the authorities within one hour.