Known as the City of Smiles, Bacolod never disappoints its visitors with its beautiful places to visit and the gentle and friendly locals that make a holiday in the Philippines 2022 more memorable. Most tourists visit Bacolod every October to experience the famous MassKara festival. The National Commission for Filipino Muslims informs the President`s Office of the dates when these holidays will fall in 2021. – *Note: The official announcement of the Office of the President for the specific dates of Eid Fitr and Eid`l Adha will be published after the approximate dates of these Islamic holidays have been determined (in accordance with the Islamic Hjira calendar, the lunar calendar or according to Islamic astronomical calculations, as is possible or practical). It is one of the largest and most anticipated festivals in the Philippines. Some of the fun activities not to be missed are the MassKara Street Dance Contest, Electric MassKara (bacolod`s largest street party) and MassKara Queen Pageant. There are no public holidays in October 2021, but this month is a good time to travel around the country as fares are low. Q: Is August 23 a public holiday in the Philippines? A: No. There is no Philippines 2022 vacation scheduled for August 23. But the Philippine holiday of 2022 in August is National Heroes Day, which takes place on the 29th.

To make it easier for you, we have created a cheat sheet that includes all the regular and special holidays, the Holy Week 2022 calendar in the Philippines, the March 2022 holidays in the Philippines and more. For declared special days such as the Special Non-Professional Day, the Special Public Holiday, the Special National Day, apply in addition to the two national special days, November 1 (All Saints` Day) and November 31. December (last day of the year), the following rules: We have compiled a list of the 12 most fun activities in 12 months to make the most of your vacation in the Philippines 2022. SSS Hiring 2022: Local vacancies | Apply online Q: Is May 9, 2022 a public holiday? A: So far, there is no Philippines 2022 holiday on May 9, 2022. Q: Is 2022 a leap year? A: No, 2022 is not a leap year. President Rodrigo Duterte signed Proclamation No. 1236 on Friday, October 29, declaring regular holidays and special working days for 2022. In general, a fixed list of vacation dates in the Philippines cannot be provided as some holidays are mobile.

However, under the provisions of Republic Act 9492, the President is required by law to issue a proclamation prior to his appearance to determine the precise date of his observation. As in 2021, All Souls Day (November 2), Christmas Eve (December 24) and the last day of the year (December 31) have been declared special working days to “boost economic productivity by minimizing work interruptions, among other things,” as the country continues to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. RIGHT INSIDE. Malacañang declares a special and regular holiday for 2022.#WalangPasok @rapplerdotcom Known as the “art capital of the Philippines”, Angono, Rizal is making a name for itself through its artistic inhabitants. Apart from that, the city is also famous for its Higantes Festival, which will make your Philippines vacation more fun in 2022. Q: Is the November 2, 2021 holiday in the Philippines? A: All Souls Day, which is celebrated every November 2, will remain a special Philippine holiday in 2022. No holidays posted? This is because you have not selected any type of vacation. Please tick at least one of the boxes.

Q: How many long weekends are there in the Philippines? A: There will be nine long weekends in the Philippines this year 2022. Although there is no Filipino vacation in July 2022, you can still enjoy a quick getaway near Manila! Just 3-4 hours from the metro, Zambales will satisfy your cravings for sun, sand, sea and will have the best holiday in the Philippines in 2022. Plus, it`s a good time to learn to surf as the wave season is about to begin. May 3, 2022 – Eid`l Fitr August XX, 2022 – Eid`l Adha In addition to Intramuros, Vigan City is also a great place to learn Filipino history in time for the Philippine vacation of 2022. As one of the best preserved Spanish colonial cities in the world, Vigan City has a unique charm that attracts everyone. In fact, you may not see much of its classic architecture and matching cobbled streets elsewhere in the Philippines. Due to its rich culture and heritage, the city of Vigan has been registered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it an ideal destination for your Holy Week 2022 calendar in the Philippines. Q: How many holidays are there per year in 2022? A: There are 19 Filipino holidays in the Philippines in 2022. These include 10 regular holidays in the Philippines, six special days without work, and three special days without work.

January 1, 2022, Saturday – New Year`s Day April 9, 2022, Saturday – Araw ng Kagitingan April 14, 2022 – Holy Thursday, April 15, 2022 – Good Friday, May 1, 2022, Sunday – Labor Day June 12, 2022, Sunday – Independence Day August 29, 2022, last Monday in August – National Heroes Day November 30, 2022, Wednesday – Bonifacio Day December 25, 2022, Sunday – Christmas 30. December, 2022, Friday – Rizal Day No winter? No problem! Just 4 to 6 hours from Manila, you can reach the City of Pines, also known as Baguio City, which is a popular holiday destination. Baguio offers cool weather all year round, so if you want to experience winter in the Philippines, this city is the closest you have. But before you book your Baguio Vacation Philippines 2022, make sure you are up to date with the latest Baguio travel requirements. Of these, we can have a total of nine long weekends in the Philippines. Share this Philippines Holiday 2022 cheat sheet with your family and friends so you can plan your future vacation stress-free! Proclamations declaring the national holidays of Eid Fitr and Eid adha will follow after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been established. Day of All Souls – November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) Christmas Eve – December 24, 2022 (Saturday) Laguna Province is a popular Holy Week destination in the Philippines as it is home to historic and remarkable churches built in spanish colonial times. Many followers choose to do their Visita Iglesia in Laguna because it is only a short drive south of Metro Manila. In the calendar of Holy Week 2022 in the Philippines, semana santa falls the week of April 11. Q: When will Holy Week 2022 take place in the Philippines? A: 2022 Holidays Philippines is here! If you are looking for the calendar of Holy Week 2022 Philippines, the dates are as follows: Now that you have learned to surf in the last few months, it is time to test your surfing skills! And where is it perfect only in the surfing capital of the Philippines? Siargao is popular for so many things and one of them is surfing! From the beautiful Taal Volcano and the delicious Bulalo to the fun rides of an amusement park, get ready to have a great time in Tagaytay.