UNIQUE IN MELVIN, BUSINESS LAW AND STRATEGY 1E! Document-based review exercises (DBRE) are designed to help students connect different topics in a single unit. DBRE ask students to analyze important evidence such as legal documents, magazines, data and photos, or editorial cartoons related to strategic legal dilemmas. These exercises encourage students to think critically and strategically, combining multiple concepts and sources when preparing their answers. DBEs are part of Connect, McGraw Hill`s digital platform for assignment and assessment. DBEs contain both automatically graded questions and questions that require manual evaluation. The multi-part format of DBRE allows instructors to customize the parts of DBRE they wish to assign. Take a look at the attached statement and respond. Let me know if you have any questions. The Legal System and Economy of the United States Student Name Institutional Affiliation Course Professor Date Introduction ⢠In every country, there are laws that are implemented to protect the interests of the people and development.

The law represents a combination of principles established by the government for people and enforced by the justice system – Businesses are a profitable activity for the purpose of providing goods and services to a nation`s economy (Kubasek, 2016). ⢠There should be business law for the following reasons: â It deals with real problems â It helps in the creation of legal knowledge between companies â Helps to understand that the law is dynamic and not static â Knowledge of the rules of the company Introduction Contâ¦d ⢠British colonialists brought the common law to the United States ⢠As a result, Americans have developed their own unique characteristics over time. The Spanish, French and Mexican legal systems had disappeared. LAW421 The Role and Functions of Week 1 of law Task .docx You are a successful small business owner and have been invited to make a presentation by the local chapter of the Junior Entrepreneurs Association, a club for high school students interested in a career in business. The title of the presentation is “The U.S. Legal System and Business”. You received a detailed theme sketch for your presentation and were asked to address each topic in it. You have also been asked to develop your presentation in the context of business and business law. In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following skill: the resources provided in the course support your work; No additional examination is required. Create a PowerPoint presentation that specifically covers the detailed topic as follows: McGraw Hill and Proctorio have partnered to seamlessly integrate assessment integrity tools with Connect.

Criminal Justice Law Security Law Law Corporate Law Investigation IMSI Terrorist Attack Physical Problems FBI Stories McGraw Hill`s new writing tool offers a learning experience that improves students` written communication skills and conceptual understanding on each assignment. Assign, monitor, and provide feedback to write and rate tasks more effectively in McGraw Hill Connect®. A number of business law titles have Writing Assignment Basic, Writing Assignment Plus or Writing Assignment Premium. Application-based activities provide students with valuable practice in using problem-solving skills by applying their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Students evolve from understanding basic concepts to using their knowledge to analyze complex scenarios and solve problems. We have over 100 activities based on live applications in all our business law titles. For each chapter, instructors can assign application-focused interactive activities, stimulate critical thinking, and reinforce key concepts. Students apply what they have learned and receive immediate feedback, while instructors can monitor students` progress. These are available for some titles. To complete this project, you must submit a PowerPoint presentation that contains:.