Kricri, 100% French natural softness.

As a mom, are you feeling confused with an ocean of skincare options available for your baby? You’re not the only one!

Every mom will agree. Nothing matters more than your loved one’s well-being. This is why they are looking for the very best options (at a fair price!)

There are so many brands and products to choose from though. This is not easy.

Pack Kricri by Kristina

Who should you believe? on which grounds? You might think that the more the better, but we believe that there is such a thing as having too many options. More simplicity is a smarter choice.

With overly fancy packaging and pseudo-scientific buzzwords that you can hardly pronounce, many brands turn a choice that is supposed to be quick and simple into a nightmarish shopping experience.

Lait hydratant Kricri by Kristina

Ideally, the sweet spot must be reached between high quality formulas and affordability. A competent and rigorous pharmaceutical lab is certainly key, but you don’t need to know the names of all the scientific formulas and molecules developed in each product. Simplicity = Efficiency.

This is what became the starting ground for Kricri by Kristina

Format voyage Kricri by Kristina

In practice, this is the story of a mom who wanted nothing less than the best for Kristina, her little girl who was just a few months old. Gentle, respectful, natural, but above all simple products. Lost in an ocean of brands and products, she thought she could come up with something even better. This is when she decided to roll up her sleeves and get to work. Her very own skincare brand would have her daughter’s nickname, Kricri.

Format voyage Kricri by Kristina 2

In 2013, this mom found the support from the best cosmetics labs. Being demanding would be this brand’s trademark Simplicity, its creed. Tenderness and softness in every step of the way thanks to products that all mothers can finally understand and identify with.

Crème visage Kricri by Kristina

La marque KRICRI by Kristina was officially born in 2015. Convinced that too much data can quickly become overwhelming, we strive daily to simplify your choices so that you can get the right product for your baby. Just what you need. As a mom, you certainly already have a lot to do to take care of your little ones, and we want to help you with that 😉

KRICRI by Kristina, a brand full of love.