Before anything, Kricri is an EXPERT BRAND

Specialized in the treatment of skin and hair for the youngest ones, Kricri has entrusted the development of its formulas to Laboratories which have been recognized in the field of Dermo-Cosmetics for the past 160 years.

Our commitment: a strict quality charter and solid manufacturing practices before anything. Only in this way can we guarantee the present and future compliance of all our products with very strict standards. Among which, the ISO 22716 (BPF), ISO 9001, Certification NOP (National Organic Product), Ecocert and Cosmos.

Kricri is an INNOVATIVE brand

Looking for the most excellent products…
Our expertise in developing innovative solutions allows us to offer unique products that meet specific needs.

Our R&D priorities are guided by market needs and a desire to continually improve.

Our knowledge of children’s hygiene needs combined with our partner laboratories know-how allows us today to develop a wide range of carefully adapted products.

At the same time, Kricri is constantly investing in new diagnostic technologies and will therefore be able to offer proactive and sophisticated solutions to you.

Finding the best product for each skin type. This is our mission to deliver the best product and achieve the most satisfying results.

Kricri is a brand close to NATURE

Products rethought at every stage of production. Kricri has chosen to develop its range of dermo-cosmetic products with more natural, healthier formulas, each of them containing a minimum of 96% of naturally-sourced ingredients.
Our priority when developing our formulas is to extract the best active components of plant origin in order to obtain even greater efficiency.

This natural cosmetic is designed above all to take care of sensitive, fragile and delicate skin.

Kricri offers more ethical care, without undesirable components such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates…

Finally, to perfect our line of conduct, Kricri also relies on ecological and practical packaging. This approach naturally fits with our policy of respecting the environment and the charter of good practices.”

Kricri : an experience like no other

In perfect symbiosis between our customers’ expectations and our values, we have chosen practical and ecological formats.

A packaging that makes sense, adapted to daily needs, but also to specific situations (travel, home…)
Practical shapes: the quality of the products is preserved thanks to redesigned containers and simplified use.
A subtle and sweet fragrance, loved by children and designed by one of the UESS partners (European University of scents and flavors). Thanks to this expertise, the harmonious and soft fragrance preserves its hypoallergenic qualities.”

Every day, Kricri accompanies you when you spend quality family time

The keystone of our good relations with our customers!
This includes listening to you so that we can provide you with the appropriate answers to your needs.
This proximity is also found with our French manufacturers, which makes it possible for us us to quickly come up with solutions that have always the best efficiency…”